1 Year Ethereum Mining

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1 Year Ethereum Mining is GetHashing’s Smart Contract Mining stored and transferred on the Ethereum Blockchain, backed by real Ethereum hashpower (proof-of-mining).

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1 Contract = 1 MH/s Ethereum Mining Power

Out of stock? Keep your eyes peeled. New hardware is implemented weekly to replenish stock!

GetHashing’s smart mining contract is stored and transferred on the Ethereum Blockchain backed by real Ethereum hashpower (proof-of-mining).

1 Year Ethereum Mining Smart Contract Owners will receive payments weekly from the GH Ethereum mining operation based on the amount of MH owned. *Be sure your wallet supports smart contract payments.

1 Year Ethereum Mining Specifications

  • Maintenance fee: $0.20 per MH/s per week.
  • Dividends are paid weekly in accordance with the GH payout schedule.
  • If Proof of Work ends on Ethereum prior to contract expiration, Hardware will be turned to most profitible algo during that week and payouts will be in Ethereum.


An Ethereum smart contract capable address is required in order to receive the weekly mining payments. Providing a valid address is mandatory during checkout.

Secured Against Operator Failure

1 Year Ethereum Mining MH/s are backed by real hardware and hashing power. In the event that the farm is no longer profitable, GetHashing reserves the right to replace older hardware with new hardware at our sole discretion. The total amount of MH/s in the contract must always match the currently overall hashpower of the Ethereum Mining.


For more information please see the GetHashing terms of service.


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