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Due to the nature of the hardware, which by nature is second hand hardware, GetHashing cannot guarantee the quality, cosmetic, and/or remaining life of the machine. The S5’s released for purchase have an average hashrate of 1,000 GH/s – 1,200 GH/s. PSU not included.

GetHashing will perform an individualized and logged “burnout” for each purchased hardware machine. The “burnout” is a unique process of removing the requested hardware machine from the larger GetHashing farm network system and pointing the miner to a unique location for a period of 24-48 hours to ensure all purchased hardware machines are fully functional before leaving the GetHashing data center.

In accordance with the GetHashing Terms of Service, GetHashing does not accept any responsibility, implied or perceived, for redeemed hardware warranties, redeemed hardware support, redeemed hardware shipping risks, and/or any other issue related to the redeemed hardware once the physical machine leaves the GetHashing data center.

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