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GHX Bitcoin Mining Asset

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GHX are GetHashing’s unique smart asset mining shares stored and transferred on the Bitcoin blockchain, backed by real SHA-256 hashpower (proof-of-mining).

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Product Description

1 GHX = 10 GH/s SHA-256 Mining Power

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GHX are GetHashing’s unique smart asset mining shares stored and transferred on the Bitcoin block chain backed by real SHA-256 hashpower (proof-of-mining). GHX are freely tangible and can be stored in any color aware Bitcoin wallet.

A total of 50,000 GHX are currently in circulation backed by 500 TH/s of SHA-256 hardware. Each GHX represents 10 shares (10 GH/s) in the GetHashing mining operation with a divisibility of 1 decimal (0.1 GHX = 1 GH/s).

GHX owners are eligible to receive daily dividend payments of the GHmining operation based on the amount of GHX owned. GHX can be stored in any local or online wallet that supports the open assets protocol such as the GHcloud, Coinprism, Armory or Trezor wallets.

GHX Specifications

  • GHX asset definition
  • Total GHX issued: 50,000 shares (500 TH/s).
  • Maintenance fee: $0.0013 per GH/s per day.
  • Dividends are paid daily in accordance with the GH payout schedule.


An open asset (color aware) Bitcoin address is required in order to receive the GetHashing smart asset mining shares. Providing a valid asset address is mandatory during checkout. Customers who don’t have a color aware wallet or asset address yet may create one for free on GHcloud.

Secured Against Operator Failure

GHcoins are backed by real hardware and hashing power. In the event that the farm is no longer profitable, GetHashing reserves the right to replace older hardware with new hardware at our sole discretion. When replacing hardware GHcoin owners may request to have their hashpower released to them by redeeming GHX shares for hardware at an additional shipping and handling fee. The total amount of GHX in circulation must however always match the currently overall hashpower of the GHfarm. GHcoins received from redeemed hardware are destroyed upon shipment of the hardware. New GHcoins are only issued when new hardware or a new batch comes online.

For more information please see the GetHashing terms of service.


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